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The Industry's 
Flattest magnetic field distribution;
The Industry's most
Accurate distribution range;
The Industry's most
Uniform magnetic field distribution.



Surgical instrument check, tool management,
drug tracking, retail's inventory management, etc.


1. The flattest: the maximum identification distance of RFID near-field tags at all locations on the BoundleTable (540*430mm) ranges from 40mm to 45mm with an upper and lower offset of less than 5mm;

2. The most accurate: completely eliminates the reading of RFID near-field tags outside the BoundTable;

3. The most uniform: No blind area in the identification area on the BoundTable ane after reading for a period of time, it can be found that the RFID near-field tags in all identification areas are almost the same number of times;

4. Zero backscattering: the tag will not be read even if it is attached to the back of the BoundTable.

5. Gesture refresh function: To refresh the total nunber of tags read on the BoundTable simply by waving your hands.

6. Counting display function: The total number of tags read is intuitive, no need to connect to the host computor.

7. With rechargeable 18650 batteries:Accessible and affordable, it can work continuously for a week after full charge.

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