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Koichi Sato

Having been in Medical Device Industry for 20 years with abundant experiences, he acquired unique understanding and a strong sense of overseas relationship and overseas businesses.

He invested in a wide range of areas, remarkably in RFID R&D as well as from medical and life sciences to dental materials research and chemical materials trade all in perfect multi-line management. 

Based on the vast resources and channels accumulated along with his businesses, he formulated an investment layout centering in Japan, strongly backboned by Chinese market. His mind does not stop in a Chinese domestic market. Currently, he partners with clients from 40 counties and regions globally. Our team wholeheartedly trust his shrewd sense of foresight which his successful career proved.  


​Patrick yang

Patrick earned MBA of UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China). As a senior trainer and a lecturer, he cultivated his knowledge in healthcare industry for over 10 years with broad marketing and management experience. His management skill shines in refining management of production, supply, marketing and services. With his important role, sales network reaches more than 40 countries  and established long-run partnerships with over 60 distributors globally. His communication skill that reads and fulfills client’s needs is truly exceptional. 

Japanese Market Director

​Daisuke Tagawa

When Tagawa took on the inventory management of medical materials in hospitals, he saw an untold amount of expired things such as medicines. He came to the conclusion that RFID would have the potential to better the current medical situation.  

     In 2004, he invented a tracking system for medical purposes and a picking cart combined with the system. The very next year, he exhibited the concept model of the solution in HOSPEX Japan.

     It has been 20 years since the first disembarkment of the project, watching out the market carefully. He now decided to take a real step forward recruiting the sharp newly-employed. Tagawa is always looking at the out-of-the-box, taking an impartial stance on age, sexuality, race, and nationality. The real globalization of SMEs starts from here. 

Overseas Sales Director


Alisa owns rich experiences in Overseas Sales in Medical Infection Control Supplies and RFID equipment and solutions.  She got a study opportunity in the U.S. as an intern at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania.during college leaning and feeling hands-on business skills. 

She is a fluent English speaker, therefore, is key to negotiating with foreign clientele. Her laid-back but aggressive attitudes toward business leads our team to next dimension.


Kimy Liu 

Having been experienced in International Trade specifically in Documents and Practices in Medical and Bio-medical fields & RFID equipments and solutions, Kimy plays a vital role liaising closely with our members. Her smile brightens the atmosphere in the office. She owns Bachelor’s degree of International Economics and Trades. 

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