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Headquartered in Osaka Japan, We Japan RFID Institute Co, LTD, have been focusing on RFID industry for over 20 years. During the time, we had tried to reach out to experts in RFID domain. The right moment we can proudly unveil our project came to light as we completed the product development.


Our forte is the root, which is medical and biosciences that are considered to be extremely demanding in product quality and precision. Therefore, we pursued higher accuracy and stability than conventional RFID products. The credibility and trust of our clients are what we are proud of and have accumulated until today.


Just For Refined Ideality. Acting as a small giant resonating to the world, We, Japan RFID institute, are dedicated ourselves to providing and exploring more RFID products and solutions to more potential applications, which can make global citizens future more brighter and accurate.

Greeting from CEO​

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Japan has been facing a so-called “extreme aging society”. This societal shift is where Japanese have to play a vital role in order to give other nations facing the same trend an effective solution. Without any doubt, we need new technologies, which can flip fixed ideas about society.

We, Japan RFID institute, are providing products which can make global citizens’ future brighter as a representative of “a technology-intensive country “, acting as a small giant resonating to the world. 

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About Corporation 

Company Name

Japan RFID institute Co., LTD

HQ.:  2-16-16 Nakagawa, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan 544-0005
Tel.: 0081-06 6224 7968  


 Koichi Sato


1. Research, Manufacturing, and sales for RFID tag, RFID device, and total solution;

2. RFID related products;

3. Other related business about RFID.

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